Billing itself as the first bidding fee auction application on Facebook, Exhibia Auctions made its debut on the social network.

Exhibia said its goal was \”to create and maintain an authentic real-time social bidding platform for people who want to shop and enjoy friendly, honest competition,\” emphasizing that only bidders verified by Google or Facebook are allowed to participate, ensuring that sellers cannot use \”shills\” or bots to drive up the prices of their items.

The company added that verified users of other social networks will be included \”in the near future.\”

Exhibia said on its frequently asked questions page that items must go through a funding phase, followed by a bidding phase, and users obtain bids by funding items, with its packages as follows:

  • $10: 10 bids, no bonus
  • $20: 21 bids, 5 percent bonus
  • $50: 55 bids, 10 percent bonus
  • $100: 115 bids, 15 percent bonus
  • $500: 600 bids, 20 percent bonus

Readers: Have you ever bid for items online via eBay or similar sites and apps?

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