With the National Basketball Association playoffs entering the conference finals stage Tuesday night, social-media-monitoring and analytics platform Engagor analyzed the eight teams that battled in the conference semifinals to see who scored on Facebook and Twitter.

Engagor found that:

  • There were 2.1 million total mentions of the eight participating NBA teams, players, hashtags and keywords on Facebook and Twitter from May 3 through 17.
  • The Golden State Warriors posted the highest fan-growth percentage on both Facebook (123,686 new likes) and Twitter (27,809 new followers).
  • On Facebook, the Cleveland Cavaliers boasted the most fan engagement, while the Chicago Bulls were the most socially active club.
  • The Warriors were tops in both engagement and activity on Twitter.

The players who drew the most mentions from May 3 through 17 were:

  • Stephen Curry (17,261)
  • Derrick Rose (13,935)
  • Blake Griffin (11,265)
  • LeBron James (8,925)
  • The most-used hashtags were:

  • #nbaplayoffs (115,906)
  • #allincle (62,902)
  • #kiamvp (51,205)
  • #cavsbulls (44,274)
  • #dcrising (38,675)
  • And the teams with the most fan engagement during the period (total posts):

  • Warriors (457.5)
  • Bulls (422.8)
  • Cavaliers (403.5)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (375.5)
  • Houston Rockets (345.9)
  • Readers: Have you posted on Facebook or Twitter about the NBA playoffs?