The 2015 edition of Facebook’s @Scale Conference is scheduled for Sept. 14 at the San Jose Convention Center.

The invite-only event is geared toward engineers who build applications and services at scale, for millions of users.

The social network wrote in a blog post:

Building apps and services that scale to millions or even billions of people presents a complex set of engineering challenges, many of them unprecedented. This year alone, we’ve seen advancements in systems and technologies that are more intelligent, more efficient and more responsive than ever before.

We’re excited to gather the community of engineers at this year’s event to openly discuss these challenges and collaborate on the development of new solutions. This model — working together, in the open, to address the technology challenges we face — spurs more innovation and allows us all to move faster.

Facebook also directed interested parties to its @Scale Community and the event’s site.

Engineers: Will you apply to attend the 2015 @Scale Conference?