As the Avengers: Age of Ultron spread through social media, so too did brands mentioning the movie. According to Unmetric, the top three brands who generated the best social buzz in relation to the flick were Audi, Gillette and Dr Pepper.

Audi’s India branch used the hashtag #AudiAvengers with great success, while Gillette used #Flexball, #Avengers and #AgeofUltron. Dr Pepper’s #OneOfAKindAvengers was also very popular on social.

Audi’s Twitter content was mainly contest (free tickets) and question driven, generating high levels of engagement. However, it was not as successful when promoted on Facebook, where engagement meant a lot of likes, but little else. The Unmetric Engagement Score, a weighted measure of engagement metrics, is based on a scale of 0-1000 and can be seen next to the posts.


Gillette didn’t use any special hashtags, just #avengers and #ageofultron and #flexball. However, Gillette did partner with Stan Lee for the promotion of fictional Avenger-inspired razors. The company’s UK firm also had a very successful video on Facebook.

Dr. Pepper, using the #oneofakindavengers hashtag, put out content that was contest focused and also that required consumers to engage to unlock special content. Interestingly here, content (the videos) drew more retweets than the contests.

Rick Liebling, head of global marketing for Unmetric, commented on the data:

This year’s summer blockbuster season, which kicked off with The Avengers, is underway with many big films in the pipeline. Movies have always provided brands an opportunity to ride the wave of popular culture, and with social media, they can reach already engaged audiences. Campaign data like this can help inform marketers on successful social strategies for aligning their brand with movies and beyond.