Meet Famafox, a new option in the growing trend of anonymous messaging apps. Famafox is an iOS platform built around what it calls \”qualified anonymity,\” allowing users to be known online without revealing their identity. The app encourages honest communication between users, and includes a ratings system for discouraging cyberbullying and generally rude behavior.

To achieve this qualified anonymity, Famafox requires users to invite ten friends, who must each answer a series of anonymous survey questions, ranking the applicant based on positive character statements. These include things like \”I am optimistic,\” \”I am confident in who I am\” and \”I am approachable,\” among many others. The app’s algorithms rate users based on these responses, giving them a star rating that follows them throughout the app.

Once they’ve successfully activated their account, users can engage with Famafox in three different areas: Feed, Fama and Finder.

The Feed allows users to post questions for others to answer. These questions are separated into appropriate Who, What, Where, When, How and Why categories, and can be posted with a chosen username or anonymously. These questions can be supported by pictures, and users decide if they’d like the question’s responses displayed publicly or kept private. To keep things polite and friendly, users can rate responses based on how helpful they were, or report cases of abuse.

Meanwhile, the app’s Fama area allows users to send direct messages to others, or create circles of users with the same interests for easier communication. Finally, the Finder section of Famafox uses location-based services to find nearby Famafox users, or questions users nearby have posted.

In a future update, the app’s Finder section will expand to support business accounts, allowing companies to send users surveys, or offer promotions and deals in exchange for feedback.

In a statement, Charlie Carroll, founder and president of Famafox, commented on the app’s purpose:

People often see things but are afraid to say them. Famafox lets people post questions and get efficient and qualified feedback. Because it’s anonymous, people are more able to be honest, but it’s also safe because of the qualified rating system. We’re hoping it fosters deeper connections among users.

Famafox is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.