Mobile advertising on Facebook and Twitter has grown significantly in the past year, as a new report by Ampush shows a 160 percent year-over-year growth in mobile ad spend.

Ampush is a Facebook Marketing Partner and Twitter Marketing Platform Partner. Among Ampush clients, mobile ad spend on Facebook and Twitter took a slight as-expected dip from Q4 2014, but is up significantly from Q1 2014.

Ampush found that pricing is up quite a bit from last year. CPM on Facebook and Twitter rose from $3.50 in Q1 last year to $5.82 Q1 2015. The cost-per-click has risen from $0.29 last year to $0.70 this year.

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Todd Mendlinger, senior media strategist at Ampush, discussed in the study how important catchy and effective creative is in the mobile ad process, especially in light of soaring prices:

Creative is immensely important. Facebook serves ads that get the most engagements, which tend to be the ones with the best combination of visuals and copy. Our platform allows us to upload and test thousands of combinations to find the right marriage of visuals and text.

As mobile ad spend has grown, Ampush found an interesting trend: the most common objective among mobile advertisers is direct response. That objective has grown 578 percent year-over-year (excluding app installs).

When looking international ad spend, Ampush discovered that while spend in the Asia/Pacific region outpaced the Americas and Europe/Middle East in Q4, the APAC region slid to the bottom in Q1 2015. The EMEA region showed a 77 percent year-over-year growth, with the APAC region growing by 63 percent year-over-year.

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Readers: How did your mobile ads perform in Q1?

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