Kenshoo, a Facebook Marketing Partner, just entered into a partnership with one of the nation’s leading media entities — AOL.

Through this connection, clients using ONE by AOL will have access to Kenshoo’s social inventory. It will be a fully managed service to clients around the world. Advertisers can leverage AOL’s proprietary predictive and first-party audience segments for targeting via Twitter and Facebook on the Kenshoo platform.

Chad Gallagher, Global Director of Mobile at AOL, explained the benefits of the partnership:

The more data and insights an advertiser can put through a single, holistic and open platform, the better the analysis and decision making will be. We will provide fully managed services to our clients and direct access to all desktop, native, and mobile inventory on the top social platforms.

Gary Nafus, Managing Director, Americas, Kenshoo:

This partnership will help marketers who have had to manage multiple data sources and solutions in order to get a holistic and accurate picture of their customers and those showing intent. Now AOL can put this larger data set to work through one platform, provide deeper audience insight, and utilize Kenshoo to drive performance from social at scale.