Sunday, March 8, was International Women’s Day, with organizations and brands all of the world recognizing women for their achievements — and at least one campaign daring people to envision a world where women didn’t exist.

Perhaps the most popular campaign on social media was a collaborative initiative between the Clinton Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Women on social media were encouraged to replace their avatar with the silhouette of a woman and the hashtag #NotThere — a symbolic act to draw attention to the fact that while much progress has been made, there’s much more work to do.

Sienna Miller, Amy Poehler, @jennyslate, @CameronDiaz, @PadmaLakshmi recognize we're #NotThere:

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) March 8, 2015

The campaign got lots of attention from big name celebrities and women’s magazines. However, how impactful can a campaign to recognize women be, when the biggest part of the campaign is to remove images of women?

More impactful are the numerous Google Doodles wherein the tech giant recognized women throughout the year, on their birthdays. Some of these women included writer and poet, Rosilia de Castro and German political theorist Hanna Arnedt. In the 2014 Veteran’s Day doodle, it was a female veteran who stood out as the “l.”

Likewise, Rachel Ignotofsky, illustrator and Instagram user, has developed a series of drawings recognizing women in science. This series is ongoing and on March 8, Ignotofsky recognized Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, who pioneered research on radioactivity.

Ignotofsky told Instagram:

I wanted to do my part and celebrate these women and their accomplishments and hopefully get a younger audience familiar with them. I think that a good way to fight gender bias is to show young girls and boys strong female role models.

You can check out more of the social media activity from International Women’s Day using the hashtags #MakeItHappen, #womensday, #IWD2015, #internationalwomensday, and #PaintItPurple on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.