Do you consider yourself a passionate person? Or maybe you’re something of an egotist?

Are you materialistic? And perhaps a little mischievous?

A new Twitter tool developed by psychotherapist Dr Sandra Scott and wine brand Apothic analyzes your most recent 3,500 tweets to determine what your timeline says about your dark side.

According to a study conducted by the tool, 72 percent of the UK’s Twitter users have a dark side – \”passionate\” is the most common personality trait, followed by \”materialistic\” and then \”egotist\”.

What do Your Tweets Say About Your Dark Side?

\”It is interesting to see how we can unconsciously reveal this part of ourselves through the use of social media,\” said Dr Scott. \”It’s worth noting that just because we are not fully aware of this aspect of ourselves does not necessarily mean that it is something to shy away from. Our ‘hidden personas’ can sometimes make us appreciate ourselves more and reveal qualities that we like.\”

Dr Scott noted that outspoken famous Twitter users often have something to hide.

\”Celebrities, maybe more than most, have to be quite conscious about the image they are presenting on Twitter. Nonetheless, just like the rest of us, they will be revealing with every word something else they just don’t want to come out.\”

(Source: BT.)