How often do you see a promoted tweet on Twitter?

Rarely, right? At least it seems that way. But Twitter has plans to change that, and more ads will be coming your way soon.

Yesterday, during a keynote speech at a technology investors conference in San Francisco hosted by Goldman Sachs, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo talked about how the company has plenty of upside when it comes to showing ads in tweets to users.

The goal? Five percent of tweets will show some kind of sponsored content, equating to one in 20 tweets each and every user sees.

\”We are well below that now, so we have tons of room to grow there,\” said Costolo.

One in 20 may seem like quite a lot, but it’s the same level that Facebook strives for with ads in its News Feed. So it’s not something that will feel instinctively alien to social media veterans.

Whether that ratio is palatable to Twitter users – old and new – remains to be seen. But it should be warmly received by Wall Street and, if implemented successfully, help propel Twitter towards even greater riches in 2015.